Version 0.0.3

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

There is a new version. I have moved the site to:

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Version 0.0.2

February 12, 2010 4 comments


fixed rating from the cli
fixed bug in “add movies” tab
fixed problem when searching and/or viewing actors and maybe other browsers
added apache as a conflict in rpm and deb packages
small changes to run with apache
added –bind flag
now it updates the port in prism but only if the folder gets removed
added integration with the upcoming version of imdb-thumbnailer
running figuritas from the cli should run the gui now


With the bind flag you can associate movies that you already have on figuritas:

figuritas movies –bind “video_1.avi” “video_2.avi”

To add and associate use:

figuritas movies -a “video_1.avi” “video_2.avi”

imdb-thumbnailer integration:

With the next version of imdb-thumbnailer you will be able to automatically add and/or associate your movies with figuritas, also if you set a custom cover in figuritas for a movie that has a file associated the thumbnail for that file should be updated with the new cover.


Anyone who want to test it with apache should download the tar archive and read the readme file. I haven’t test it and it will probably not work but you can comment this post for help.


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Figuritas, experimental version release.

February 7, 2010 8 comments

I had moved the description with screenshots here.

What should be working?
. The movies module.
. You can add movies.
. You can add tags and tag movies.
. It is possible to browse/view by any browser.
. Search movies or any browser.
. Filters are working.
. Add movies from files urls or titles.
. Rate movies from the command line.
. You can set custom icons for movies people and characters.
. You can associate movies with video files and play them from the GUI.

Anyone is welcome to test it, please report any problem.

Download (deb,rpm,tar)

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